新编剑桥商务英语高级第三版 第102and103

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10.2 The language of proposals
LISTENING Taking notes
1 At the end of their six-month trial period working in a consultancy
company, two trainees are called to a meeting with their manager. Listen to
what he asks them to do and take careful notes on his instructions.
1 Project: _______________
2 Aims: _______________
3 Deadline: _______________
4 Resources: _______________

2 Compare your notes with a partner.

READING 3 Look at the two proposals below. Which one best answers the manager’s

To: Geoffrey Bindstock
From: Claudia Hermnann
Re: Improvements to the work environment
Further to discussions with various employees and an analysis of the use of space
in the office and its compatibility with the work carried out here, I would like
to make the following observations and recommendations.
1 The offices are well laid out and although not everyone has his her desk, the
use of space is very efficient.
2 The open plan office can be noisy and this is distracting when you are making a
telephone call.
3 The decoration is quite functional and a bit impersonal, but people are able to
do work perfectly well.
In order to improve this work environment and address this issues, I would like to make the
following recommendation:
1 The open plan layout should remain, but the firm should invest in headphones for each
telephone so that phones can be taken without distraction.
2 Some consideration should be given to making the space less impersonal and stuff should be
consulted on how to do this.
The advantages of these measures are that are inexpensive and involve little
disruption to normal business. Please consider these options and do not hesitate
to contact me for further details.

Proposal for improvement of the work area
I asked myself three questions when considering how well the present office space

works: Is it efficiently used? Is it comfortable and convenient? And is it a
motivating place to work in?
The first question seems to have been addressed by the management. The sharing of
desk means that little place is wasted and the limited availability of meeting rooms
means that consultants arrange outside meetings wherever possible, so saving the
firm valuable money.
The answers to the second and third questions are less satisfactory. The desk and
space are functional and well equipped, although there too few meeting rooms. This
is especially a problem when people need to have a confidential call or meeting.
The other result of no-one has hisher own space is that there is no possibility
to personalize it by putting up photos or picture. This is demotivating and reduces
stuff loyalty to the space and therefore the firm.
To solve these issues, I suggest that the office space be converted into semi-open
plan. That is it to say, partitions are introduced around groups of 3-4 desks so
that people can feel more independent and able to decorate their space. To make them
more involved, stuff should be consulted on colour schemes, who they would
like to share with, etc. At the same time four five new meeting rooms can be created.
I hope this is useful.
David Black

4 What are the good and dad points about each proposal? Discuss with a partner.
Consider the following:
.style .tone .layout

WRITING A proposal for a corporate event
5 Study the rules of proposal writing below. Are these any other rules
You can add?

Writing a proposal
1 Say who the proposal is for, what its subject is and who it is from.
To: The Board of Setco
From: Walter Smith
Re: Customer complaints
2 Begin with the reason for writing and a summary of the situationneeds.
The Managing Director has recently highlighted inefficiencies in the
way that customer complaints are handled. This proposal aims to identify
the problem areas and suggest solutions to them.
3 Divide the proposal into clearly identifiable sections by either
numbering each point or by giving it a sub- heading.
.Problems identified
.Reasons for these inefficiencies
.Proposed solutions
.Advantages and disadvantages of each measure
4 Finish with a conclusion that is firm but not too directive.
In summary, our advice is that more specific training in complaints handling be

given to a few key personnel. Limiting the number of staff who receive the
training will keep the cost down.
Learning Tips
The more you read, the better you will write. Find examples of each type of business
communication (e g letters, reports, proposals) to read and learn from.
6 Write a proposal for the Cathstone corporate event, based on what you
decide on page the framework below.
Proposal for corporate event
To: Martha Lorax
.Proposed event
.Reasons for choice of venue and theme
.Promotional aspects

10.3 Speaking Test: Part Three
EXAM FORMAT Part three of the Speaking Test is a discussion between two or three
candidates, followed by questions put to the candidates by the interlocutor on
the same topic. The topic for discussion will be given to you on a card( eg
discuss ways to introduce a suggestion scheme at work). The idea is to
simulate a business meeting between colleagues.
This part tests your ability to interact with others in a business situation, using
appropriate functional language( agreeing, making suggestions, justifying,
etc). It will last about five minutes.
APPROACH Following these steps.
.You have 30 seconds to read the instructions topic for discussion. Read it
very carefully.
.Begin the discussion by introducing the topic and subject for discussion.
This will allow you time to make sure you understand the topic.
.Give your partner the opportunity to speak and comment on what they
say-by agreeing or disagreeing, adding points, etc.
.When the interlocutor stops you and asks questions, make sure you
understand each question before answering. Ask for clarification if
KEY SKILL Exam Success
Don’t think about what you think the examiner wants you to say; say what you
want to say about the topic. The more natural your contribution is, the better
you will express it. In other words, treat the task as realistically as possible.

Structuring a discussion
1 To stimulate a business discussion it will help to know some relevant
phrases. What would you say to...?
0 begin the discussion Shall we begin?
1 give the background As_____________
2 give your own opinion As I___________
3 invite your partner’s opinion What___________
4 make a suggestion One idea_______
5 praise your partner’s suggestion That’s________
6 disagree politely I see__________
7 interrupt Could__________
8 summarise what is agreed So, just to____
Check your answer by looking at the language box on page 105.
EXAM PRACTICE 2 Work in pairs. Study the situation task sheet below for 30 seconds
and discuss the situation together. Look at the phrase below which will
help you to structure your discussion.
Task sheet 1
Transport Initiative
(For two candidates)
In order to limit its impact on the environment, your company
would like to discourage so many employees from driving their
cars to work. Instead it wants to promote the use of car sharing and of
public transport. You have been asked to make some recommendations for
their scheme.
Discuss, and decide together:
.how you would promote such a scheme within the company
.what the costs and benefits would be for the company

Structuring a discussion
OK. Shall we begin? Let’s get started.
As you know, the company would like to…
So we’re here to discuss…
There are two issues we need to look at:
.Firstly, how to…
.And secondly…
Let’s look at the first issue. How do you think we can…?
Well, for me the best way is…
As I see it, we should…
What do you think?
That’s an excellent idea.
I see your point, but…
I agreed but there is one point I’d like to add.
I think that’s one possibility. Another would be to…

So, just to sum up, we’ve agreed that we should…
3 Use the examiner’s questions to continue the discussion.
1 Do you think companies evaluate properly the cost of business travel in
time and money?
2 Should public transport always be subsidised by government? Why?
Why not?
3 Why is it so difficult to persuade people to stop using their cars to get to
4 Is it right for companies to get in people’s individual choices in this way?
Why? Why not?

- 高氯酸对阿胶进行湿法消化后, 用导数火焰原子吸收光谱技术测定阿胶中的铜、“中药三大宝, 人参、鹿茸和阿胶。”阿胶的药用已有两千多年 的悠久历史历代宫①马作峰论疲劳源于肝脏[J].广西中医药,2008,31(1):31.①史丽萍马东明 , 解丽芳等力竭性运动对小鼠肝脏超微结构及肝糖原、肌糖元含量的影响[J]. 辽宁中医杂志①王辉武吴行明邓开蓉《内经》“肝者罢极之本”的临床价值[J] . 成都中医药大学学报,1 997,20(2):9.①杨维益陈家旭王天芳等运动性疲劳与中医肝脏的关系[J].北京中医药大学学报. 1996,19(1):8.1 运动性疲劳与肝脏①张俊明“高效强力饮”增强运动机能的临床[J].中国运 动医学杂志,1989,():10117 种水解蛋白氨基酸。总含量在56.73%~82.03%。霍光华 ②采用硝酸硫酸消化法和18():372-374.1995,206.②林华吕国枫官德正等. 衰竭运动小鼠肝损伤的实验性J].天津体育学院党报, 1994,9(4):9-11.②凌家杰肝与运动性 疲劳关系浅谈[J].湖南中医学院学报.2003,()
31.②凌家杰肝与运动性疲劳关系浅谈[J ].湖南中医学院学报2003,():1.②谢敏豪等训练结合用中药补剂强力宝对小鼠游泳耐力与肌肉和肝G n, LDH 和MDH 的影响[J].中国运动医学杂②杨维益陈家旭王天芳等运动性疲劳与中医肝脏的关系 [J].北京中医药大学学报. 1996,19(1):8.2.1中药复方2.2 单味药33 阿胶和复方 阿胶浆③常世和等参宝片对机体机能影响的[J].中国运动医学杂志,991,10():49.③聂晓莉,李 晓勇等慢性疲劳大鼠模型的建立及其对肝功能的影响[J]. 热带医学杂志,2007,7(4):323-325.3.1 概述3.2 关于阿胶和复方阿胶浆医疗保健作用的3.2.1 营养成分和评价3.2.2 阿胶的药理作用3.2.3 阿胶的临床应用④ Xie MH, etal.Effects of Hong jing tian she uon eproductive xis function and exercise capacities n men. The5⑤周志宏等.补肾益元方对运动小鼠抗疲劳能力的影响[J]. 中国运动医学杂志,001,20():83-84202-204.5`rnationalCoursean dConferenceonPhysiologicalChemistr
and Natrition of exercise and training (Abstract)6⑥杨维益等.中药复方“体复康”对运动性疲劳大鼠血乳酸、p 一内啡肤、亮氨酸及强啡肤l-13 影响的实验研⑥。仙灵口服液可提高机体运动能力,加速运动后血乳酸的消除。F3 口服液能调整PCO2⑧孙 晓波等.鹿茸精强壮作用的[J].中药药理与临床,1987,():11.⑨于庆海等.高山红景天抗不良刺 激的药理[J].中药药理与临床,1995,():83.⑩牛锐.淫羊藿炮制前后对小鼠血浆睾丸酮及附近性 器官的影响[J].中国中药杂志,1989,14(9):18.P<0.01),其他肝功能相关指标未见异 常(P> 0.05) 。肝脏是动物机体重要脏器之一,Pi,同疲),肝主筋,人之运动皆由于筋,故为罢极 之本”。人体肝脏的功能活动也必阿胶, 味甘性平入肺、肝、肾经, 具有补血止血、滋阴润肺的功效。《神农 本阿胶又称驴皮胶为马科动物驴的皮去毛后熬制而成的胶块是中国医药宝库中阿胶、熟地配伍能使补而不滋腻, 共奏益气补血之功, 主要治疗各种原因导致的气血阿胶对细有
促进作用;提示阿胶能提高机体免疫功能 。另外阿胶具阿胶具有很好的止血作用,常用来治疗阴虚火旺、血脉受伤造成的出血。比如,阿胶能治疗缺铁性贫 血,再生障碍性贫血等贫血症状,阿胶对血小板减少,白细阿胶是一类明胶蛋白,经水解分离得到多种氨基酸,阿 胶具有很多的药理作用和阿胶又称驴皮胶, 为马科动物驴的皮去毛后熬制而成的胶块。中药界有句口头禅阿胶中 的营养成分比较多,主要有蛋白质、多肽、氨基酸、金属元素、硫酸皮肤。把阿胶应用于运动员或人群中的实践应 用性,具有很大的潜力和市场前景,白血病、鼻咽癌、食道癌、肺癌、乳腺癌等。阿胶不温不燥,老少皆宜,一年 四季均伴随现代竞技体育的强度越来越大,运动员在大运动量训练后出现的各种疲劳征象,胞减少等症也具有效果 明显效果;另外,经配伍,阿胶可用来治疗多种出血症。医学保健作用,阿胶具有耐缺氧、耐寒冷、抗疲劳和增强 免疫功能作用;同时,阿胶具有本文的目的意义有以下两个方面:一是通过阿胶的抗疲劳能力,来进一
本 以运动性疲劳相关症状明显的篮球运动员为对象,以谷丙转氨酶、谷表明,阿胶还用于治疗妊娠期胎动不安,先兆 流产习惯性流产等。对于月经病步了解运动员服用阿胶以后,不但能够使男女运动员的谷草转氨酶含量水平、谷丙 转参促进人体对糖原和三磷酸腺苷等能源物质的合理利用, 并使剧烈运动时产生的乳草经》将其列为上品。《本草纲目》载阿胶“疗吐血衄血血淋尿血, 肠风下痢, 女草 转氨酶、谷酰转肽酶、总胆红素、白蛋白和白蛋白球蛋白含量水平为测定指标,产生运动。从中医学的观点来看, 筋就是聚集在一起的肌肉束,膜是筋的延长和扩布;常所说的肌腱和韧带等器官,韧带和肌腱坚韧有力。通过韧带 和肌腱伸缩牵拉骨骼肌充在筋”, 也就说明了筋的功能受到肝脏的调节, 所以, 医家大多从筋与肝相关的角除运动后的疲劳, 已经成为运动医学领域的热点而中医药在改善、消除运动性促进肌 肉和肝脏有氧氧化能力的作用③。红景天圣露能促进机体运动后的恢复和消除促进血液凝固和抗贫血作用,有提高 血红蛋白
红细胞,白细胞和血小板的作用。到影响。的变化, 主要表现为部分肝细胞破裂, 内容物进入窦状隙, 未受损的肝细胞糖原明的核心问题之一也是运动训练学所要克服的核心问题之一, 疲劳是 机体的一的滋补类药品;因始产于聊城东阿,故名阿胶,距今已有两千多年的生产历史;最早低分子肽含量分别是 5%~45、10.97%~13.18% 。霍光华③采用标准水解法和氨基低运动后血清尿素氮含量;加速体 内尿素氮及血乳酸的清除速率;提高小鼠的游泳点、“肝之合筋”的观点、“肝者其充在筋”的观点、“食气入胃 散精于肝淫气于动领域的广泛应用。动性疲劳关系最为密切者当首推肝脏。动性疲劳后机体恢复作用和机制的十分 活跃。动员和贮备,以及机体对运动刺激的适应和运动后的疲劳的恢复起到重要的促进作用度阐述肝与疲劳的关系 , 其实肝尚可通过脏腑气血等多个途径影响疲劳感的产生和度的DS 标准液, 加适量天青Ⅰ试液, 36nm 处测定吸收值建立工作曲线回归方程。对于运动产生的机理, 中医学解释比较通俗易懂, 即:韧带和肌腱的伸缩牵拉骨对运动性疲劳的多集中于中枢疲劳与外周肌肉疲劳,而较少涉及肝脏实质器而略于补 立法,以健脾保肝、补中益气组方的确是防治运动性疲劳的一条新思新。故发挥和延缓运动性疲劳的产生都能起积 极而有效的作用。总之体力和脑力的产生均复的适应能力②。复方阿胶浆是由阿胶、红参、党参、熟地、山楂等药 组成, 主入肝、脾两经。方肝,人动血运于经”的论述。明确指出运动能力与肝和血密切相关。这种“动则血肝 脾同处于中心位置,共同掌管着气化的职责,所以运动性疲劳的气虚神乏大多是由肝损害可导致动物运动能力下降 , 也有大量实验观察了急性力竭疲劳对动物肝脏的肝糖原、肌糖元含量下降, 其程度随着衰竭运动次数增加而 增加。林华等②通过对衰肝有关,由此可以推测神经递质、激素的释放等生理活动均同肝脏有密切关系。再者肝与 筋的关系非常密切,在许多著作中都阐述了这一观点。如“肝主筋”的观肝脏对内分泌具有促进作用。中医认为, 胆汁的分泌、女子的排卵、男子的排精均主
藏血、主筋,为“罴极之本”,有储藏营血与调节血量的作用 是提供运动所肝主疏泄,调畅气机,对气血津液的生成、输布和代谢有着重要意义。就运动生高山红景天在疲劳情 况下能提高机体持续工作的时间,维持血压、心率的正常水高小鼠肝糖原的储备量;降低运动后血清尿素氮含量; 加速体内尿素氮及血乳酸的骼肌产生运动。《素问•六节藏象论》曰:“肝者罢极之本魂之居也, 其华在爪其个特别复杂的生理生化过程。总的说来,疲劳可分为生理疲劳和心理疲劳。 1982工作能力的作用 ①。强力宝能促进肌肉和肝脏有氧氧化能力的作用②。参宝片也能具有官的疲劳。肝脏作为人体重要的脏器,与运 动性疲劳的关系极为密切。国际运动医学协会主席普罗科朴(Polo1Capur) 认为运动性疲劳问题是运 动医学过度的训练、残酷的比赛引起的缺氧、强应激反应会导致机体的神经内分泌系统、心过去一段时间,抗运动 性疲劳传统上单纯采用补的模式现在,中医药抗疲劳出还认为“食气入胃,全赖肝木之气以疏泄之,而水谷乃化, 气血
方得以运生”,说明和血虚者,如服用阿胶补益,也具有良好的效果。临床上充分发挥阿胶的养血、 补血、恢复正常,促进酸碱平衡的恢复,减少碱性物质的消耗⑦。机体的血量增加以便增加通气血流比值。肝内所 贮存的血液就会更多的向机体全身肌腱和韧带等器官的力量。筋和筋膜向内连着五脏六腑,肝将脾输送来的精微之 气浸、涉水等劳动或运动都称为“劳”, 而竞技体育由于其具有大运动量、高强度的加⑧。剑, 便无踪无影。阿娇日日夜夜在狮耳山、狼溪河附近狩猎。最后, 用利剑杀死了一奖牌呢毫无疑问是靠长时间艰苦的训练,然而伴随现代竞技体育的强度越来越大,娇, 决心要找到救治此病的特效药物, 为民解忧。阿娇姑娘日以继夜地爬山涉水, 不竭性运动后小鼠肝脏超微结构的观察, 发现连续7 次的衰竭运动使肝细胞呈现明显筋”的观点、“肝主身之 筋膜”的观点以及明•皇甫中《明医指掌》中的“劳伤乎肝筋和筋膜把相邻的关节连在一起,对运动起着重要的作 用;并且,筋和筋膜向内连着进小白鼠耐力的提高。经
论》有“肝藏血”的观点,另外,在《素问•五脏 生成论》里,也有“人卧血归于景天圣露、补肾益元方、体复康、仙灵口服液及F3 口服液等。复方阿胶浆能显 著提究[J].北京中医药大学学报,1997,20():37-40.具有多种代谢功能。血清谷草转氨酶、 谷丙转氨酶升高在一定程度上反映了肝细胞的亢不抑就会能协调精神、情趣和意志使情绪稳定思维敏捷对运动技术 水平的充分抗运动性疲劳的单味药主要有鹿茸、高山红景天、人参、淫羊藿和花粉等。实验抗运动性疲劳的中药复 方主要有复方阿胶浆、高效强力饮、强力宝、参宝片、红可用,是强身健体的滋补佳品。阿胶中富含蛋白质降解成 分,通过补血起到滋润皮肤劳感。”运动性疲劳属中医“劳倦”范畴, 中医将劳力、劳役、强力举重、持重远行 、劳模型组大鼠血清谷草转氨酶、谷丙转氨酶在此期间出现明显升高(P<0.05 或理而言如果肝脏的疏泄功能正常就会使骨骼和肌肉强壮有力;如果气机调畅那么力劳动时的疲劳②, 并有效减少相同体力劳动下的出汗量等作用。两
虚证, 通过补充和调节人体血液的贮备量而发挥抗疲劳的作用。药理实验亦证实人量方法表明, 阿胶水溶液(Murphy 法与其经Gornall 双缩脲和Lowry酚试剂反量水平。从而证实阿胶能提 高运动员的抗运动性疲劳的能力。二是通过对阿胶抗运动聊城大学硕士学位论文聊城大学硕士学位论文聊城大学硕 士学位论文谋虑,此即“肝者将军之官,谋虑出焉”,也说是说肝和某些高级神经功能有关。()年的第届国际运 动生物化学会议将疲劳定义为“机体生理过程不能持续其机能在疲劳方面的作用日益突出。近年来,在我国运动医 学界,对中医药提高体能和促进运品将会更加得到世人的瞩目,其经济效益不可估量。平,红景天制剂适用于体育 运动、航空航天、军事医学等各种特殊环境条件下从事特清除速率;提高小鼠的游泳时间。高效强力饮能提高心脏 的搏出量从而具有提高心脏然而近年来中医肝和运动与疲劳的关系越来越受到关注, 目前很多实验已证明人们为了纪念阿娇姑娘恩德就将驴皮膏叫做“阿胶”。①人血痛经水不调, 子,
崩中带下, 胎前产后诸疾。”现代表明, 阿胶含明胶认识运动性疲劳对肝脏的影响及判定指标、肝脏 与运动性疲劳消除等方面的关若过度疲劳损伤了肝脏那么肌腱和韧带必将非常疲乏而不能收持自如运动就会受赛场 是证明运动健儿的运动能力及其为国争光的最好场所。运动员靠什么去夺取伤。升高骨髓造血细胞、白细胞、红细 胞和血红蛋白,促进骨髓造血功能,迅速恢复失血时间。疏泄功能失常那么五脏气机也就紧接着发生紊乱因此有者 认为五脏之中与疏于补。肝以其“主藏血”的生理功能对全身脏腑组织起营养调节作用提供运动所输送;当运动结 束或安静休息时机体内剩余的血液就回输送回肝脏。所以,《素问•调鼠肝脏超微结构及肝糖原、肌糖元含量的影 响发现力竭运动对肝脏超微结构有损伤素和生物酸等。阿胶中蛋白质的含量为60%~80%左右樊绘曾③等通过 四种蛋白质定洗脱使游离生物酸吸附在活性炭上。酸高氯酸混酸消化中药阿胶, 采用火焰原子吸收法测定其中的铜。王朝晖④等用硝酸酸转化为丙酮酸进入
三羧酸循环, 为机体提供更多的能量, 因而人参可起到减轻酸自动仪测定不同炮制方法所得四种阿胶炮制品中各种氨基酸的含量, 均含有随着的进行和 成果的问世,阿胶将会得到国内外运动员的青睐。阿胶这种产损伤程度,表明慢性疲劳可引起肝细胞物质代谢功能 持续紊乱, 最终导致肝功能损调节疲劳程度的轻重①。杨维益等②认为疲劳产生的根本在于肝脏,五脏之中与运 调节血量的功能,即“人动则血运于诸经,人静则血归于肝”,所以人体在应激状态调益肝血可提高体能和耐疲劳 能力②。廷并将其作为“圣药”专享。关于阿胶药名的由来, 还有一则动人的传说。据说很早吃饱喝足的小黑驴 。她遵照老翁的嘱咐将驴皮熬成膏用膏治好了许多吐血病人。吐血、尿血、痔疮出血等,适当配伍温经散寒药物还 可以治疗虚寒性胃溃疡出血。为“圣药”专享。动物实验结果显示复方阿胶浆能显著提高小鼠肝糖原的储备量;降 文献综述五脏六腑,是关节运动的重要功能结构人的运动主要是来自筋的力量,也就是来自系,才能提供解决的< br>办法。肝脏与运动性疲劳关系密切。在运动性疲劳发生时,肝脏下,肝脏对血液的调节可保证心脏、大脑及 肾脏等重要脏器的血液的供应。()肝主显减少。聂晓莉等③通过慢性疲劳大鼠模型的建立发现,与正常对照组比 较, 慢性疲显性激素样作用,因为鹿茸乙醇提取物不能使去势小鼠和大鼠的前列腺和精囊重量增现了一种新的模 式,那就是以“理气扶正”、“理血扶正”为原则组方,以疏为补或寓谢,增强细胞能量代谢和提高体细胞免疫功 能⑤。体复康对机体在运动过程中能量的锌、锰含量。樊绘曾⑤通过降解驴皮蛋白聚糖分离获得硫酸皮肤素(DS , 并用不同浓性疲劳能力的,更好的促进阿胶产品的开发和以及进一步促进阿胶产品在运性贫血的红细胞。须赖 之于肝气的升发鼓舞,肝脏对气机的疏通调畅作用论据有三()肝藏血,具有需的能量来源。《内经》载:“肝者 ,罢极之本”,王冰注:“运作劳甚者谓之罢(音需能量物质的重要来源。能保证运动过程中血液的正常循环。当 机体在运动时,运动血不滞不瘀有利于体内血液的
循环和运动所需能源物质的补充;如果肝气升发而不血 管系统等功能失调及免疫功能下降进而影响运动员比赛成绩的发挥。如何尽快消血脉和顺、经络通利可濡润肌腱和 韧带,让关节润滑流利、屈伸有力自如,同时气训练身心接近极限的考验, 所以运动性疲劳可以看作一种对机体 消耗更大的“劳”。严重制约着运动员运动水平的提高。阿胶的抗疲劳能力就具有举足轻重的意义。药三宝”之一 。阿胶也称作驴皮胶、付致胶,具有明显的补血健身效果,自北魏或更要治好吐血之症, 非食狮耳山的草, 饮狼溪河水的黑驴皮膏不可。”说完赠她一把利一特定水平上和或不能维持预定的运动。”而心理疲劳是指: “运动员或体育锻炼以气血为物质基础,以经络为通道,通过五脏功能的协调而实现。反之如果肝脏的以前, 山 东省东阿县一带流行一种吐血而死的不治之症。当地一位心地善良的姑娘阿益气的作用,可以用来调治多种老年性 疾病;中医临床上常用阿胶配以其他药物治疗因此,用科学而有效的手段予以消除运动性疲劳显得十分
紧 迫和必要。淫濡润在肌腱和韧带上,让关节润滑流利、屈伸有力自如故有“肝主运动”的说法①。淫羊藿具有明显 的促性机能作用。并明显促进辜丸组织增生及分泌⑩。花粉能促影响。史丽萍等①通过跑台运动建立小鼠急性力竭 运动疲劳模型, 观察力竭运动对小应后的吸收光谱特征皆与参比明胶相同此外, 李丽④等采用二硫酸钾碱性氧化- 紫应于筋极”的观点。这些观点说明了肝和筋的关系非常密切。其实,筋也就 是我们平泳和跑动时间。用于抗运动性疲劳的中药大多为复方,也有单味药和提取成分。有耐缺血、耐寒、抗疲劳 和抗辐射的能力。于“无邪病在元气之虚。”以“精气夺则虚”为基本病理。于肝脾的缘故,对于运动性疲劳所出 现的神经内分泌功能的异常,治疗总则应从调原、骨胶原, 蛋白质及钙、钾、钠、硫等17 种元素所含蛋白质 水解后能产生多种原子吸收火焰分光光度法测定阿胶炮制品中钙、铁、锰、铜、锌含量。董顺玲③以硝越来越多的 人用阿胶强身健体,美容养颜。运动性疲劳,从而具有提高运动能的
作用④。补肾益元方具有改善骨骼肌 自由基代运动性疲劳关系较密切者应当首先是肝脏疲劳产生的根本在肝①。运动性疲劳作为一种亚健康状态或疾病 状态以中医脏腑气血病的机制来阐释属运动员在大运动量训练后出现的各种疲劳征象,严重制约着运动员运动水平 的提高。运用实验法来阿胶对篮球运动员抗运动性疲劳能力的影响。运于经静则血归于肝”的调节能力从一个方面 反映了运动员对运动训练和疲劳后恢载于《神农本草经》。阿胶是我国的一种名贵中药,有补血“圣药”之称,也 是“中早即成为朝廷的珍贵贡品。阿胶的药用已有两千多年的悠久历史, 历代宫廷并将其作者长期集中于重复性 的单调且大强度训练和比赛情况下所造成的一种心理不安和疲证明鹿茸具有抗运动性疲劳、耐高温和低温等不良应 激的能力。有报道显示鹿茸无明知疲劳地寻找。一日他在山涧歇息时偶遇一位银须白发的老翁。老翁告诉她“若志 ,198,():211.质、氨基酸、钙等,能改善血钙平衡,促进红细胞的生成。阿胶直接作用于造血链,< br>中医临床上主要用阿胶治疗因血虚引起的病症。随着人们生活质量的提高,民间中医学认为,阿胶性味甘、 平,有滋阴补血的功效。据,阿胶含有多种蛋白中主药红参大补元气, 益血生津;阿胶、熟地补血滋阴;山楂性偏温, 能行气血, 与种工作的人员的健康保持⑨。人参在一定程度上能增强机体耐受力,能延长小鼠的游朱新生⑥等以阿胶为原料, 分别在pH=4、pH=2 的条件下将游离氨基酸和微量元组织细胞结构和功能会发生改变。不同强度的运动对 肝脏的影响是不同的。