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Unit 1
impact of saying good-bye and actually leaving did not hit me until the day of my departure.
strength woke me an hour before my alarm clock would.
2. 这是我比闹钟预定的时间提前一小时醒来。
entire day was like that: a powerful awakening of whom and what I would truly miss.
4. Most importantly, I would be forced to say farewell to the ones who raised me.
5. All at once, the glorious hype about becoming independent and free became my sole, scary
6. I suppose that goes with the territory of enrolling in a university six hours from home.
my decision to do so, in fact, all my personal problems had seemed to fade.
one ever said divorce was easy.
9. She walked me to my car, and I could feel my sadness in the pit of my stomach.
10. The implication that all money spent from then on would be my own was scary, yet funny as
我静静地躺着,等待着。突 然,窗外的生机引起了我的注意:昆虫在合鸣;邻居坐在阳台上,
直到深夜,他们说话的声音有些模糊, 那声音让我平静下来。我闻到了新割的青草的气息。
还有一种说不清的声音-- 可能是树枝扫过隔壁店铺的屋顶吧。
Lying still, waiting, I suddenly notice the life outside the window. The bugs sing in chorus.
Neighbors, sitting on their verandas until late, speak in hazy words with sanded edges that soothe
me. I catch the scent of fresh grass clippings. Then I hear something I can't decode-perhaps a tree
branch raking the shop roof next door.
Unit 2
1. The supply curve for oil-the amount offered at any given price-is being pushed steadily
outward, thanks to technology.
2. But there's another, quite different scenario-namely, that oil prices, adjusted for inflation,
won't rise at all over the long term.
3. Members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries still sit on the world's biggest
and best oil reservoirs.
4. Smith Rea Energy Associates Ltd., a London-based researcher, figures that the world's oil
producers could add 350 billion barrels to their proven reserves if they counted all the oil that has
become affordable to recover because of the latest breakthroughs.

Rea一家位于伦敦的研究机构,估计如果世界产油 国把由于最新的技术攻关而增加
的可采原油量算在内的话,那么已探明储量总数上应再多加3500亿桶 。
5. Rather than being a fixed number of barrels, the reserve is seen as something that grows and
grows as technology finds new sources of oil and extracts more from existing fields.
5.技术的进步一方面加速了新油藏的发现;另一方面提高了现有油田的采收率,从而 增加产
7. What's more, many independent oil companies have moved to the cutting edge.
根 据政府统计,美国现有一亿一千多万辆汽车,一千五百万商业用车或卡车。更多的人口也
就意味着更多的 汽车。到二十一世纪二十年代末,美国人口和汽车都将是今天的两倍。二十
年后,个人平均收入也将是今 天的二点五倍。如果把这增加的收入花在更多更大型的轿车、
更宽大的房子上,花在增加其他商品的消费 上,就必然导致资源枯竭和污染。
According to government statistics, in the United States, there are over l10 million cars and 15
million commercial vehicles or trucks. And
twenties of the twenty-first century, the population of the United States will have doubled that of
today and the number of automobiles will be doubled as well. And in twenty years' time the per
capita income will also be 2.5 times higher than it is now. If this increased income is spent on
more and larger automobiles, larger houses, and increased consumption of other material goods,
the results could cause catastrophic resource exhaustion, and pollution.
Unit 3
1. With that event still so close, it might seem surprising to hear that an even bigger revolution in
biology is now poised to mop up the advances made by genomics and move on to something
bigger still.
1.然而,这一事件余热未消,人们可能会惊讶地听说一场更 大的生物学革命,它将是基因组
2. A liver cell has a different job from a blood cell and proteins to match.
3. And we will not know who the crooks are in town, the equivalent of the malfunctioning proteins
that need to be dealt with to stop disease.
3.而且,我 们不知道谁是城里的坏人,如同我们不知道哪些蛋白质的功能失常,需要治疗以
4. The new methods are smarter and the data they produce more accessible.
5. Once separated they can be cut into fragments by enzymes, and fed into a mass
spectrograph machine that shoots them through a vacuum and measures how fast they go.
6. Another sign that the science of proteomics is on the march comes from the growing number of
worldwide collaborations.
7. But as the plasma proteome project shows, there will be a pay-off even at the stage of
cataloguing proteins.

7.然而,正如血浆蛋白质组项目所展现的那样,即使是在蛋白质 分类的初始阶段,我们也将
8. And if the unexpected technological leaps made in the fiercely competitive race for the human
genome are anything to go by, they will arrive faster than we might think.
8.而且,根据竞争极其激烈的人类基因组研究所取得的出人意料的技术 飞跃,蛋白质组的分
克隆研究正在挑战遗传现象中的 许多传统观点。一种共识是人类行为甚至我们这个复杂的社
会在某种程度上来说是由基因决定的。社会主 义者一直在质疑这种过于简单化的观点,指出
Cloning studies are challenging many orthodox views in genetics. A common idea is that human
behavior and even our complex society are somehow
always challenged this simplistic viewpoint, pointing out that humans long ago broke free of
Unit 4
1. The Freedom Tower will further its distinction as a world class model of energy efficiency and
environmental sustainability.
2. This new design reflects a soaring tribute to freedom and a bedrock commitment to safety and
3. This spectacular addition to our skyline will be a commanding architectural symbol while
addressing the security concerns we face in today's world.
3.天际间添加了这座雄伟的大楼,景色甚为壮观,它将成为一个权威 性的建筑符号。它传达
4. In keeping with the original design, the entire composition evokes the Statue of Liberty's torch
and will emit light, becoming its own beacon of Freedom. 4.自由塔修改方案仍保持了原设计方案理念,整体结构与自由女神手中的火炬遥相呼应,并
且放射 出耀眼的光芒,成为自由之塔。
5. While incorporating enhanced security requirements, the building remains open and accessible.
6. I am confident that when our work is done, we will be in a position to say we have done the best
job possible.
7. Freedom tower is a bold and simple icon that acts as a marker in the sky for the memorial
8. While the Memorial, carved out of the earth, speaks of the past and of remembrance, Freedom
Tower speaks of optimism and the future as it rises into the sky.
9. Environmental quality will also extend to construction of the Freedom Tower, which will
feature waste reduction through recycling of construction materials.
10. It is projected that steel for the building will be visible above grade in 2007, with a topping out

in 2009.
在2005年发生的一连串 的灾害中,没有一个能比得上飓风卡特里娜(Katrina)和雷塔(Rita)带
给美国人的巨大恐 惧。面对被淹没的城市和冲毁的海岸线惨景,建筑师们的反应是:“我们
能做点什么”?当务之急是给遭 受飓风袭击的人们提供住所。
In the cascade of catastrophes occurring in 2005, none struck Americans more forcefully than
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In response to the images of drowned cities and blasted coastlines,
architects throughout the country have asked,
collective attention more immediately than housing for storm victims.
Unit 5
1. There was skepticism about the capability of NASA to engage, after the Columbia accident, in a
new major, difficult and long- term human spaceflight endeavor
1.自哥伦比亚航天飞机失事以 来,就人类新的长期的航天奋斗目标—“飞向月球,飞向火星,
飞向太空”这一重大而艰巨的任务而言, (美国)太空总署参与航天飞行的能力受到质疑。
2. In reality, this latter decision was implied in 2004 by the budget projections released together
with the VSE plan, and has never been explicitly countermanded.
3. At the moment, however, ISS cannot find a place in the approach to exploration laid out in the
ESAS scheme.
3.然而就目前而言,在美国的有关“ 太空探测体系框架研究”计划中却不能为国际空间站(发
4. The future of the ISS should clearly be addressed rapidly and frankly between the international
partners, in the hope of finding a common understanding.
5. If such a positive outcome cannot be achieved, the fallout would certainly not be favorable to
future large-scale cooperation in human space exploration.
5.如果不能实现这一积极结果,那么其消极后果势必对未来人类在空间 探测方面的大规模合
6. They believe that they will bring to discussions of their participation in the VSE more
bargaining power than has been in the case historically.
7. This is certainly not the current US view, but could not the current position be altered in the
next few years, as the political context changes in the USA?
8. Which one will happen will, however, depend very much on the strategy of the USA, which has
still the strongest hand in the game.
8.然而那一种情形可能实现,依然取决于美国—这个游戏中目前人处于最强势的国家的 太空
根据英国政府昨日公布的计划,如何应对地球上的气候变化威胁将成为英国民用空 间战略的
核心内容。根据英国国家航天中心(British National Space Cen tre)起草的战略,英国科学家将
开发卫星和先进观测技术,能够从轨道上监测地球的森林采伐状况、 冰盖融化情况和恶劣天

Tackling the threat of climate change on earth will be the heart of Britain's civilian space strategy
under plans laid out recently by the government. British scientists are to develop satellites and
advanced observation technologies capable of looking back at earth from orbit to monitor
deforestation, the melting of ice caps and violent weather, according to a strategy drawn up by the
British National Space Centre.
Unit 6
1. …making paper copies of anything is a primitive use of machines and violates their very spirit.
2. He had a seemingly miraculous ability to lay hands on any document in the big mess within
seconds, but he was an embarrassment to his employer.
2.他似乎有一种超能力,只用几秒钟就在乱七八糟的纸堆中找到所需文件,但是 ,这的确会
3. Warm files, still active but of less urgency, occupy the periphery, teetering on a corner of the
desk or stuck in a desk drawer.
3.急件是仍然重要但不怎么紧急的文件,占据了办公桌的边角,它 们或半悬在办公桌的一角
4. Cold files, the great preponderance of documents that don't need immediate attention, fill file
drawers farther away.
5. First, slips can be angled or otherwise positioned to draw special attention.
6. Second, the goal of prompt reporting was compromised by the fact that police kept revising
their reports after filing them.
6. 其次,警方即时报告的目标也大打折扣,因为报告往往要不断修改,在归档后任要不断
7. If you seek
going 'paperless'. It's the way of the future.
7.假如你寻求“更好地组织和高效的运作,那么,你就绝对 应该考虑采取‘无纸化’办公方
8. Even then, when computers have taken over, the controllers have continued to keep paper flight
strips for backup and for a record in case of litigation. 8.甚至到计算机已取代纸张的时候,导航员还会继续保留着飞行记录的小纸条,作为备份或
作为诉 讼时的证据。
在很长一段时间内,电子化的媒介是不可能取代纸张这样的传统媒介的。首先,由于经济 条
些 重要合同文书的验证,要求其独一无二的真实性,任何拷贝复制再生都是无效的。另外,
文字笔迹具有独 特的信息,是数字化手段代替不了的。
Over a long period of time, electronic media isare unlikely to replace such traditional media as
paper. First of all, not anyone can afford to have a computer and can log onsurf the Internet at any
place due to financial factors, geographical conditions and various other factors. In addition, the
verification of some important contracts requires unique authenticity. Any photocopy and
duplication is ineffective. What's more, one person's handwriting contains particular information
which can not be replaced by digital media.